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Credits: Episode 29

Credits: Episode 29

with Don Prothero

Featured music in order:

Theme Music: “I’m a Paleo Nerd” performed by the Ratfish Wranglers, from the Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway album, written by Ray Troll and Russell Wodehouse, vocals by Stephen Jackson and Shauna Lee.

"Coluga" unreleased Ratfish Wranglers

"Good to feel" written and performed by Patrick Troll AKA DJ Alter-Native

"Karpinsky’s Lament" written and performed by Russell Wodehouse, from the album Fish Worship

"Dayte" written and performed by Whiskey Class (Liz Snyder and Patrick Troll) from the album 48 Hours

Excerpt from Disney's Old Yeller Theme song

"Soundtrack to Angel #3" written and performed by Sara Ayers

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