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David Strassman would like to thank his brother, Michael Strassman, (1959-2007), for turning him on to "In Suspect Terrain" by John McPhee, which opened his eyes to geology and the deep past. Thanks Mike, wherever you are.


Music Credits (In Order)

Theme Music: “I’m a Paleo Nerd” performed by the Ratfish Wranglers, from the Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway album, written by Ray Troll and Russell Wodehouse, vocals by Stephen Jackson and Shauna Lee.

Season 1:

Episode 01 with Dave and Ray

Episode 02 with Kirk Johnson

Episode 03 with Amy Atwater

Episode 04 with Leif Tapanila

Episode 05 with Gary Staab

Episode 06 with Dominique Didier

Episode 07 with Tom Kaye

Episode 08 with Pat Druckenmiller

Episode 09 with Jingmai O'Connor

Episode 10 with Gabriel Santos

Episode 11 with John Long

Episode 12 with Peter Ward

Episode 13 with Carl Safina

Episode 14 with Danna Staaf

Epsidoe 15 with Christian Sidor

Episode 16 with Bobby Boessenecker

Season 2:

Episode 17 with Jack Horner

Episode 18 with Kallie Moore

Episode 19 with Chuck Bonner

Episode 20 with Holly Woodward

Episode 21 with Neil Shubin

Episode 22 with Regan Dunn

Episode 23 with Luis Chiappe

Episode 24 with Louie Psihoyos

Episode 25 with Emily Lindsey

Episode 26 with JP Hodnett

Episode 27 with Connie Soja

Episode 28 with Grant Zazula

Episode 29 with Don Prothero

Episode 30 with Laura Wilson

Episode 31 with Sam Gon III

Episode 32 with Bob Bakker



Reading List

Episode 01 with Dave and Ray:

Wonderful Life by Stephen Gould

The Dinosaur Heresies by Robert Bakker

Goulds book of Fish by Richard Flanagan

Episode 03 with Amy Atwater:

Desert solitaire by Edward Abbey

The Monkey Wrench by Edward Abbey

Episode 04 with Dr. Leif Tapanila

Basin and Range by John McPhee

Resurrecting the Shark by Susan Euwing

Episode 11 with John Long

The Island Within by Richard Nelson

Planet Ocean by Ray Troll and Brad Matsen

Dawn of the Deed by John Long

Rise of the Fishes by John Long

Episode 12 with Peter Ward

Roy Chapman Andrews All About Dinosaurs

Episode 13 with Carl Safina

All Books by Carl Safina

Coming into the Country by John McPhee 

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson 

A Whale for the Killing by Farley Mowat 

Secret Life of Lobsters by Trevor Corson

Outlaw Ocean by Ian Urbina

Watch List:

Saving the Oceans NOVA/PBS 


Ghost Fleet

Episode 14 with Danna Staaf

Monarchs of the Sea  by Danna Staaf  

Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery  

Other Minds by Peter Godfrey-Smith  

Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway by Kirk Johnson and Ray Troll

Watch List:

My Octopus Teacher (Streaming on Netflix!)