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"Hell Pig"

"Hell Pig"

Written and performed by the Ratfish Wranglers

(Lyrics by Ray Troll and Russel Wodehouse; Music, vocals, guitar by Russell Wodehouse; Backing vocals by Stephen Jackson and Ashley Bylar; Lead guitar by Arne Tollfeldt)

© 2009Troll/Wodehouse


It’s a river of blood

Flowing down through the mud.

Stand before the ancient beast

Gorging on his putrid feast

of flesh.


Rip the victim asunder

Hear the roar of their thunder

Creature of the cloven hoof

Standing like the devils proof

of hell.



Archaeotherium- Nightmare or delirium?

Devastate, annihilate helping me to mitigate time.

Archeotherium- Apex of oblivion

Digging in the badlands, take a chance

and guess what I find?




Make sure you say your prayers

when you step into his lair

Bones are strewn all about

There’s no one left to hear you shout

oh no


Hear the wail and the moans

as he grinds on your bones

Burning in the smoke and flame

So it goes this bloody game

of life


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