Review by Michael Feeny Callan

Paleo Nerds Podcast Review

At last, the digital missing link: Paleo Nerds The Podcast. I’ve spent a lifetime reading history and philosophy for context about man’s beginnings and likely destiny. But the answers, of course, are in origins. This breakthrough podcast takes  us from Deep Time through the millennia, from the first stirrings of the primeval soup to the bone beds of our exotic ancestors, still at your doorstep all over the world. With the brilliant, witty navigation of fossil freaks Dave Strassman and Ray Troll - aided and abetted by distinguished academics like the Smithsonian’s Kirk Johnson, Amy Atwater and a cadre of specialist experts - this stunningly original new take of life of earth will transform forever your views on dinosaurs and doomsdays. Forget Jurassic Park. Get ready to meet your grandma, the lobe-fin fish. And celebrate the arrival of a podcast that’s as mind-altering as it is entertaining.
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Michael Feeney Callan
Writer/Filmmaker/Cultural Historian