Episode #64 Australian Megafauna Fossils and Outback Geology Down Under with Dr. Adam Yates

Dave is Down Under in Alice Springs, the red centre of Australia where he interviews Dr. Adam Yates to discuss the Geology of the Outback and the amazing Australian Megafauna! Dr. Yates is the senior curator of Earth Sciences at the Museum of Central Australia in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

Episode #64 Australian Megafauna Fossils and Outback Geology Down Under with Dr. Adam Yates


Preshow discussion:
Uluru, an Aboriginal sacred site and one of the largest free standing sandstone blocks in the world
Episode talk:
Megafauna Museum and Art Gallery Central Museum
The River Murray, the longest river in Australia
The Alice; Alice Springs the Red Centre of Australia
The MacDonnell ranges
Alice Springs mountain building orogeny
The Amadeus Basin Central Australia
More on the Amadeus basin
The Cryogenian Period, Snowball Earth!
Dean Lomax’s Book, “Locked in Time”
Bitter Springs formation NT
Oldest evidence of Life on Planet Earth could be the Pilbara Craton in Western Australia
The leftover piles of earth from Glaciers are called moraines.
Why is there a boulder there for no reason and where did it come from? Glacial Erratics
The difference between Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells
The amazing Ediacaran period where the first “animals” in the tree of life appeared
Sclerites, the hard part of animals and are the remains from shelly fossils
Charles Doolittle Wolcott, the man who discovered the Cambrian explosion within the Burgess Shale
Don't trip out! The mind bending Hallucigenia of the Burgess Shale
Gosses Bluff, the 142myo impact crater which vaporized a few Dinos when it hit
Agnathans, the first fish that had no jaws
Arandaspis, the fossil fish named after the Arrernte peoples of Central Australia
Megafauna Australia
Alcoota fossil Site
More cool stuff on the Alcoota Fossil Beds
Stirton's thunderbird (Dromornis stirtoni)
The Madagascar Elephant Bird
The wolf-sized powerful Thylacine (Thylacinus potens)
Alcoota marsupial lion (Wakaleo alcootaensis)
The giant Wombat like Diprodontids! wombat-like diprotodontoids Kolopsis torus and Plaisiodon centralis
Did it have a trunk? Marsupial Tapir?
Baru, the pumped up Croc of the Alcoota
The sheep sized Diprotodontinae Euryzygoma

Great book to read: The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert


Colugo by Ray Troll
Solar Sway written and performed by Don Kenoyer from the album Cloud Chamber
Desmos and Doxies by the Ratfish Wranglers
Luminescent Tie-Dye written and performed by Revilla
Cumulus by Lance Conrad
Hump Day by Ray Troll
Mellow by Ray Troll