Episode #57 Two Paleo Podcasters Walk into a Den of Eurypterids

The Paleo Nerds talk to the first Podcaster of Paleo, Dave Marshall, host of Palaeocast podcast.

Episode #57 Two Paleo Podcasters Walk into a Den of Eurypterids

Dave Marshall is a part-time PhD student at the University of Bristol where he’s investigating the evolution of chelicerates. He is also a self-employed biostratigrapher in the oil industry. Dave founded Palaeocast in 2012 after becoming frustrated with the lack of a dedicated palaeontological documentary series and the poor scientific accuracy of popular media. He is dedicated to altering the public perception of palaeontology through the innovative adoption of new multimedia opportunities.  Recently, Dave has been working on the Virtual Natural History Museum (V-NHM) project as he attempts to deliver Palaeocast’s brand of multimedia into classrooms.

When not in university, behind a microphone or on an oil rig, Dave can most often be found in the field looking for eurypterids or busy conceiving new sci-comms projects. (, 2022)

With Dave Marshall's contribution to Science and Paleontological outreach, it is an honor to have him on Paleo Nerds.

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