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Episode #59 Jasmina Wiemann: Better Paleo Through Modern Chemistry

Jasmina Wiemann is an extraordinary prodigy working on the interface between organic chemistry, biology, and paleontology at the University of Chicago and the Field Museum.

Episode #59 Jasmina Wiemann: Better Paleo Through Modern Chemistry

Jasmina Wiemann is a groundbreaking molecular paleobiologist with wide interests in the fossilization of biological molecules and the chemical signatures they carry. She is currently an Agouron Institute Fellow at the University of Chicago, Department of Geophysical Sciences and is also a Research Affiliate at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Jasmina’s research actively contributes to the new “Molecular Revolution” of the paleontological sciences by developing creative new molecular experiments and building a mechanistic understanding of organo-mineral interactions on Earth and in Space, "drilling down" to the origin of life itself.


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