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Episode #63 Cool Crap that Died with Russell Hawley and JP Cavigelli

Ray and Dave have a fun foursome conversation with the Casper Wyoming's Tate Geological Museum's master paleontologists, JP Cavigelli and Illustrator Russell J. Hawley

Episode #63 Cool Crap that Died with Russell Hawley and JP Cavigelli


Pre Episode Discussion: The Tully Monster controversy
What is the Tully monster? A fish, A slug, a worm?
J.P. Cavigelli's Bio
The Tate Geological Museum, Casper WY
Book on skeletons and what we think the animal looks like “All Yesterdays”
Hippo drawn like a dinosaur
Dee the Tate Mammoth video
More Dee the Mammoth
Torosaurus the huge Ceratopsian
Nicole The Torosaurus
You decide! Torosaurus the controversy: Yes, different species researchers say!
You decide! Torosaurus the controversy: No, it’s the same animal.
Eocene Fossils galore in Wyoming!
Hell Creek Formation
The Lance formation
Fossil Cabin: A cabin built out of dinosaur bones!
The longest epoch in the Cenozoic, The Eocene
The Eocene door knob headed Rhino, The Uintatherium
First animal to have head butting armor on it’s head; Moschops
More about Therapsids
Carnivorous Bulldog-like proto mammals the Threrocephalians
Archetherium, the HELL PIG!
The ancient and prolific crocodilians, The Notosuchians
The Alaskan 220mya Thalattosaur, “Gunakadeit” that Ray Troll helped name.
Russell’s Dream Devonian Forest he'd like to visit!
Largest bird in North America The carniverous Gastornis you wouldn't want to meet on a sunny day!
Killer Pigs and half a camel!
One of the richest fossil sites in Wyoming is the Como Bluffs.. a classic place
The Big Pig Fight:
Jimbo the Supersaurus was prepped at the Tate for a while...


A.P. Karpinsky by Russell Wodehouse
Bit of Whorl by Russell Wodehouse
Dayte by Whiskey Class
Seconds in a Lifetime by Russell Wodehouse

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