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Episode #18 Eons of Epic Epochs with Fossil Librarian Kallie Moore

The Nerds sit down with Kallie Moore, cohost of the PBS youtube show Eons and fossil librarian at the University of Montana.

Episode #18 Eons of Epic Epochs with Fossil Librarian Kallie Moore

Kallie Moore

Paleontology Collections Manager at University of Montana, Cohost of PBS Eons


Kallie inherited the Paleo Genes from her dad, an amateur collector and all-around-nerd with all the tools.  Kallie and her dad used to bring home chunks of limestone from their backyard in Kansas City, KS and hammer out fossil bivalves and brachiopods encrusted with geodes! Finding the fossilized evidence of the ocean in the middle of Missouri inspired Kallie to classify modern shells from the dollar store before she ever made it to an ocean beach.

During her undergrad, Kallie was reunited with paleontology when she interned at the Ashfall Fossil Beds in Nebraska, the unfortunate result of the Yellowstone Hotspot explosion in the Miocene where hundreds of the cute little rhino Teleoceras slowly suffocated on volcanic ash.

Kallie is now a Fossil Librarian at the University of Montana, which means she's in charge of ~50,000 specimens that include holotypes from the Bear Gulch Formation, very important Lagerstätte (German for Storage Place)

Her skills as a science communicator landed her a gig in show biz as a cohost on PBS' show EONS where both Dave and Ray learned about the Carnial Pluvial Event where it rained as much as it does in Ketchikan all over the world for 2 million years! I guess the Earth was a little upset about the breakup of Pangea...


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