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Episode #1: The Only Way to Know Where We're Going is to Know Where We've Been.

Ray Troll and David Strassman swap childhood stories about becoming Paleo Nerds and reminisce about their most treasured finds in this exciting and refreshing debut recording.

Episode #1: The Only Way to Know Where We're Going is to Know Where We've Been.

Paleo Nerds: a Prehistoric Podcast

with Ray Troll and David Strassman


Locked down in their respective homes of Ketchikan, Alaska and Ojai, California, artist Ray Troll and ventriloquist David Strassman decide to do what any other "creative" would do - start their own podcast!

What does an artist living on an island in Southeat Alaska have in common with a ventriloquist who's huge in Australia? It turns out they're both nerds - specifically, Paleo Nerds AKA "A grown-up who still has the child-like wonder and love for dinosaurs, fossils, science, and paleontology."

In this introductory episode, our two nerds reminisce about their childhood memories of dinosaurs and tar pits and wax poetic about the fate of science today. They chat about how they came to cross paths one fateful day in the year 2000. Ray is brought to tears recounting his Nanuqsaurus find and Dave remembers watching a sparrow sink into the La Brea Tar Pits, creating a fossil before his young eyes.

With each episode, Dave and Ray interview many of the real-life scientists and fellow paleo nerds they've befriended, worked with, had beers with, and collected fossils with, over their brief existence on this tiny little blue planet, we lovingly call Earth.

What was that cool song I heard?

Reading List:
Wonderful Life by Stephen Gould
The Dinosaur Heresies by Robert Bakker
Goulds book of Fish by Richard Flanangin

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