Episode #68 Are We Not Fish?

Ray Troll and Dave Strassman have an engaging and fun conversation about life, paleontology, and the argument that we are truly fishes, physically and metaphorically.

Episode #68 Are We Not Fish?

Ep 68 Paleo Nerds with Ray Troll and David Strassman

Cool links from this Episode

Neil Shubin, Your inner fish PBS Episode
Neil Shubin’s book of the same name

European scientists sequenced 43 billion DNA building blocks, 14 times larger than the human genome.

Methselah, the Australian lungfish at the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco is estimated to be 92 years old, give or take 9 years, the “oldest fish in the world in an aquarium.

John Long who discovered the first evidence of sex
Cladistics; the approach to biological classification
Henry Gee, editor of Nature, PaleoNerds Episode 52
Tiktaalik is a fine specimen of one of the first tetrapods who crawled onto land
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Our friend and penultimate Paleontologist and Paleo Nerd, Kirk Johnson
Roger Sant.. where Kirk got his title!
The Wankel T-Rex
Peter Kjærgaard is director of the Natural History Museum of Denmark
Smithsonian Institution Museum Support Center, The “Nation’s Attic” with 31 million objects.
Dermestid Beetles
Amazing paleo artist and sculpture master, John Gurche
John Gurche on Paleo Nerds
Painted Post NY
Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
Ford’s Theatre and Lincoln’s Assassination
Nature editors and guest on Paleo Nerds, Henry Gee
Henry Gee on Paleo Nerds
Spike toothed Salmon Oncorhynchus Rastrosus
Our previous guest, Jerry Smith (RIP)
What the heck are Gill rakers?
Orcas dining on Great White Shark Livers.. yummy!
Why do Salmon Change the shapes when they spawn?
I'm an Ape.. I'm also a fish!

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